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Controversy and Body Image

I am busy trying to get work articles written around my jury duty so my blog seems to be coming in last in the things I want to get done.  I spent a good deal of Sunday stockpiling and scheduling posts for this week but now I need to think ahead.  Unfortunately, I am instead obsessing on ABC and Fox refusing to air a commercial for Lane Bryant.

I use to shop at Lane Bryant a lot.  It was one of the few stores that carried styles I liked in sizes that fit me.  I could, on occasion, find a bra at Victoria’s Secrets that fit but I am a bit picky about my bras so I like being able to try them on.  Either I was a very common size or VS didn’t carry my size in their stores.  I could, though, order from their web site or catalog.

This problem was not an issue with Lane Bryant.  On top of that, they had a selection of bras in my size.  I liked that.  I knew that I was a bit overweight but I liked to feel sexy and look nice.

Now, I am annoyed.  Both ABC and Fox refused to air the commercial above.  I have seen worse commercials for erectile dysfunction – truly do we have to hear that there is a possibility of a four hour erection?, for Victoria’s Secrets and for their fashion show – oh, wait! CBS didn’t refuse to air the ad, for many other drugs.

I do not understand what is wrong with the commercial.  Is it offensive to think that larger women want to wear nice undergarments, lingerie?  Is it offensive to think that larger women have lunch with men?  Is it offensive to think that larger women might go to said lunch with nothing but a shirt dress on?  Is it offensive to think that larger women might go to said lunch with sexy lingerie on under a trench with stiletto heels?  NOT TO ME!!

Women of all sizes – large, medium, small – deserve to have the lives they want to lead.  Women of all sizes deserve to be happy with their body.  Women of all sizes deserve to be able to see advertisements for clothing and lingerie that fit them while watching television.

On the other hand, I would like to call your attention to a new web site I discovered today.  The mission of Operation Beautiful “is to post anonymous notes in public places for other women to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough… just the way you are!”  Please go over and visit!

11 thoughts on “Controversy and Body Image

  1. It’s a beautiful ad. Chic. Sexy. And the fact remains that more of these ads would educate the American eye to real women’s bodies, rather than the super-thin, or air-brushed images that too many of us still use for comparison.

    Interesting that the French filled a recent issue of ELLE magazine with plus size models. A friend sent me the issue. Beautiful.

    1. BLW – You are so right. I know very few women that are super thin. On top of that, I love the curves this woman has.

  2. Wow. I’m shocked they wouldn’t air it with all the other ads and shows they do air. My husband is in advertising sales and as soon as he walks in the door tonight (yes he is actually still on his way home from the damn job!) I’ll be asking him what he knows about it…
    I worked at Unilever on the Dove campaign for Real Beauty. It was the most rewarding amazing project I’ve ever worked on it because it encouraged women to be proud of their real beauty. If you never saw the billboards or ads, you should look them up. It was so inspiring and refreshing and it CHANGED the way some advertisers decided to choose models for their ads. I’m truly shocked that there are still people who don’t find beauty in real women.

    Thanks for this post Nicki. It’s so important.

    1. I loved the Dove campaign for Real Beauty. It is one of my favorite advertising campaigns.

      I was a bit shocked that Fox wouldn’t air the ad as some of their original shows are racier than this ad is.

  3. I read somewhere that they just wouldn’t air it between 8 and 9 pm. They did air it between 9 and 10 pm.


    ABC, however, told Access the only restrictions they made were that the ad is limited to the last pod, or the last 10 minutes of the show.

    As for FOX, a source at the network told Access Hollywood that Lane Bryant originally wanted their spot to run in the 8 PM hour of “Idol.” That hour, however, is considered a “family hour,” so the Standards & Practices Department at the network requested changes in the spot, the source continued. The source said LB rejected the changes. In response, FOX agreed to air the spot in the 9 PM hour with no edits or changes.

    FOX will air the spot next week on April 28.

  4. I’m with TKW: that woman is hot! I’m glad that Lane Bryant and Cacique have teamed up to create a line of lingerie for average-sized women (even if the model they chose to advertise it is way above average in terms of her appearance!).

    1. I have always liked the bras at Cacique. Now I wish I could still fit in them as some of these sets look fantastic.

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