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I truly believe that the sense of touch is one of the least used and least appreciated sense.  We eat to live and so use our sense of taste daily.  For most of us, we use our sense of sight to live and be comfortable in our surroundings.  The sense of smell goes with sight and taste to help us in daily living, as does the sense of hearing.  We just do not use our sense of touch all that much.

We should!  As human beings, we should touch, physically touch, others daily.  I am not talking about those of us who use touch to harm others, whether hitting or sexually touching.  There is nothing that is better than to reach out and lay your hand on someone as you speak.

The laying on of your hand can mean so many things.  The other senses will tell the person what.  It could be comforting.  It could be teasing.  It could be reassuring.  It could be to emphasize what is being said.  But, the simple act of touching, regardless of the maning, makes the meaning more than simple words can.

So, today, I am sitting here thinking about cuddling.  I am thinking how that simple human contact – not in a sexual manner, though it sometimes is – is something I am yearning for this morning.  I cannot cuddle myself but I can write about it.

Go hug someone today!  Hold someone’s hand!  Laugh and love and be happy!

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