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The Momnificent! Life – A Book Review

When I first received a copy of The Momnificent! Life:  Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms –  ISBN 978-0-9743832-4-8, I figured it would be impossible to get through.  The book is long, over 300 pages prior to the reading lists.  Lori Radun, a certified life coach, explains the dips and hills of parenting. Lori… Continue reading The Momnificent! Life – A Book Review

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Johnson City, NY Dissolution

I have never heard of this particular tactic before – dissolving a village.  It must be more common than I think, though, as there are state laws that govern what must be done to do so. There was a petition started in the area for residents of the Village of Johnson City.  The petition was… Continue reading Johnson City, NY Dissolution