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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Have you ever thought about the statement – don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce?  I guess high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) doesn’t apply.  All words are easily pronounced.  My recent thoughts are don’t eat anything that takes multiple syllables to state what one or two will cover.  HFCS is basically a sugar and is not healthy.

Back in April, the Food and Drug Administration basically decided to pass on making an out and out statement about HFCS.   HFCS, according to the FDA, requires enzymes to break starch into glucose and to convert some of the glucose to fructose.  The process is not a natural breakdown.  It requires additives, in this case enzymes, to make HFCS.  By not acting in April, the labelling of foods that contain HFCS could not be considered natural under FDA regulations.

On July 3rd, most likely due to pressure from lobbying efforts from the Corn Refiner’s Association and Archer Daniels Midland, the FDA has basically sent a letter to the Corn Refiner’s Association reversing this decision and allowing HFCS to be considered “natural.”

What are your thoughts on this issue?  I know at least one major food manufacturer is polling/surveying consumers regarding HFCS and the term “natural” on labeling.  Do you consider HFCS natural?

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