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Another Political Disappointment

John Edwards is the latest in a long line of politicians that have lied to the American people.  Edwards has admitted lying about having an extramarital affair with a woman who ran a video production company.  The company, owned by Rielle Hunter, did produce four internet videos for Edwards’ One America PAC.  The PAC, in federal filings, paid over $100,000 to Hunter’s Midline Groove Productions.

Edwards says he denied the alleged affair previous as he did not love the woman.  The affair was first brought to media by The National Enquirer.  Edwards admits to the affair in an interview with ABC’s Nightline.

Hunter had a child in February of 2008.  Edwards denies that he is the father of the child and says he will not take a paternity test.

John Edwards is the most recent in a long line of politicians to disgrace the sacrament of marriage.  What he did that was even worse was lie to the American people.  On top of lying to the American people, he betrayed his wife while she was in the middle of battling cancer.  The man has lost all public trust in my eyes.  What about in yours?

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