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Fuel Costs and Education

Back in July, I was reading the blog of one of the local newspaper’s education reporters, George Basler.  This particular blog post was regarding the effect high diesel fuel costs was having on school budgets and, subsequently, the education of our children.  About 12 days later, I was reading a Reuters article on Yahoo! that schools were eyeing a four day week as they did in response the 70s energy crisis.  I, of course, shared the Reuters story with the reporter and never gave it another thought. 

My initial thoughts that school districts in my area are too opposed to rocking the boat held until this morning.  I routinely read the Niagara Gazette online as my daughter lives up there and is going to be student teaching this coming fall semester for seven weeks in the Niagara Falls City School District and seven weeks in the Niagara Wheatfield School District.  My attention was caught by an article written by Caitlin Murray (you can email Caitlin at  While the article did not address regular bus runs, it did discuss changes in bus runs for before school activities – both for help on classwork that students are behind and extra-curricular activities (I believe – still trying to confirm this aspect).

As a parent, would you be willing to foot the bill – through a booster club or collection by a coach – for a lengthy bus trip for a sports team or a club?  Would you be willing, should your child need to be in school prior to normal bus arrival, to take your child to school?

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