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The Morning After

Usually when you hear the words “morning after,” you think hangover.  I guess that is what US politics has after a day like yesterday.

Super Tuesday was – in the eyes of those in charge – suppose to help both parties but mostly the democratic party know definitively who the nominee was going to be.  The problem with this thought is it didn’t happen.  Now there is at least an additional month of campaigning before most, if not all, is said and done on the democratic side.

This is leading DNC Chairman Howard Dean to sweat, I am sure.  First, he has millions of unhappy voters in Michigan and Florida.  These voters were stripped of their convention delegates because they didn’t want to be like Mississippi which has its primaries on March 11th and have all the candidates drop out before they voted.  They wanted a say.  They got a kick in the teeth by trying to get a say.

Second, he now has the possibility that his two candidates will continue to bash at each other.  The more internal bashing that goes on, the more likely whoever gets the nomination in Denver has to lick wounds and hope they are not too deep to keep the GOP from re-opening them.

If nothing else, this year’s presidential election season should be a call for a true national primary.  If state charters require that the state be first, hold that state or states – Iowa and New Hampshire, I believe – the first week in January.  Then, give all candidates in both parties three months to plead their cases to American voters in the states and abroad.  Then, pick a Tuesday or a Saturday or whatever day of the week you wish and hold one day of primaries across the country.

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