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What is Up in NY State?

I will admit, if I had paid attention to local news today, this would probably have not been an issue I found worthy of time putting to publication.  Unfortunately, I didn’t and I am rather annoyed.

The weather here in the Southern Tier of NY is ugly.  We have had ice storms as recent as Friday and now it is 43F and raining.  The rain is hit and miss.

I was watching CBS and they were talking to people in NY who were out voting.  I had long since tossed out the postcard that came last year about where I vote and the hours.  I figured this was a big primary and that since it was a presidential primary, polls across the state would be open at 6 am.

Stupid me!  Polls where I live open at noon.

What is about someone living downstate – either in one of the five boroughs of New York City or in the surrounding counties such as Westchester County – is allowed six additional hours to get to the polls?  Is the upstate vote so discounted – at a 40% discount based on time open?

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