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Barry Bonds

I will admit I am picture shy after trying to find one for the flirting blog. I know just what I want but now cannot find it. Anywho…

Now, there will be a footnote that baseball doesn’t have the balls (pun intended) to put on Barry Bonds’ record.

I do believe that all people in the US are innocent until proven guilty. I do believe it is possible that Barry Bonds seriously did not use steroids with knowledge. But I also do believe that he has admitted to using items that were steroids – even if he didn’t know it at the time – hence, the asterick is important.

Baseball does not think it is. Baseball is still trying to get back fans from the last work stoppage. Baseball is still trying to become the national pastime again – at least professional baseball is. To do so would require the commissioner to take a stand. Until all the legal proceedings are done, I don’t see that happening.

So Mark Ecko bought home run ball number 756. He let the public voice what the public thought should happen to this ball. Bonds called him stupid. I haven’t seen any Bonds’ commentary since the vote has ended and the ball is headed to Cooperstown. But the ball is going with an asterick. The public thinks it is necessary. I agree.

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