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Dressing for Dating Success

I said in a previous blog that this is definitely a future blog. Well, I have opted to write a lot lately. I am getting my words out of my head so I can have some creative flow.

I have always shyed away from the theory that you need to always look your absolute best when you step out the door to attract a date. Being single when you are a teenager or early 20’s may be the easiest because what is dressed your absolute best is different than when you are 30 or 40. I have read dating advice article after article, watched show after show. They all say the same thing. You must dress like you are going to meet someone every time you step out.

I have to say that I am slowly becoming a believer. I do not necessarily make sure I have on makeup when I leave the house all the time – a particular sticking point with me since I do not always wear makeup. I do, though, try not to wear the paint spotted pants or the ripped shirt or the shorts that I probably should have given up as favs years ago.

So, say you are headed to the grocery store. To start with, I just don’t see myself meeting someone over produce. Number one, the grocery I am most likely to be fund in does not have a huge produce department. Number two, I can’t tell you if I have ever seen a single – meaning unaccompanied by a female, man in the produce department except the workers at the store.

Theory would have it that a woman should do all her pre-date rituals to go on this trip to the store. There were days in my single life – my second singledom started in 1997 – when I was lucky I wasn’t in my pajamas as I went to the grocery. I do try now. I take a good look. I make sure I have jewelry – since makeup is not a surety – and nice clothing. I do, and I am sure this would be a big no-no to experts, from about May to October wear my Birkenstocks (I love them! That is not changing anytime soon.) I take a close look at my hair – not that it will matter by the time I get into town. I head in with my list and realize that once a single guy looks in my cart, he will run with terror.

This is not much different from what I do when going out on a date. I may take a slightly different approach to what I wear. But, if it is between May and October, my Birkenstocks are probably firmly on my feet. I generally will put on makeup for a date but not the grocery and not always.

Here is my problem – even though it seems I have bought into this hook, line and not quite sinker. I don’t know that I am always in the state of looking my best. Not that I want to scare a date but do I not want to be honest? That is why I wear comfy shoes and why I don’t sweat it. But a little thought is a good thing.

So let me know what your perfect date outfit is.

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