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Monthly Visit – Aspirations 2007

I should start with – so much for monthly visits. I haven’t updated my progress on my 2007 aspirations since April. A lot can and has happened since then.

Aspirations 2007

Be proactive in finding new friends and possibly a more than friend interest. I am just not sure that romantic interest is the right word but maybe it is. Back in April, I thought I was doing better. I even sat down in August and made a list of people I would send “eye contacts” to on the online dating site. I haven’t done it yet. I also questioned, back then, when you take something off the “eye contact” and “messaging” on the site and take it real. I still am not sure on this line but will try to figure it out.

Submit art and get published. I am also, as a way to get published, going to look ahead to the themes major art magazines will have in 2006 so that I may have a creation on hand to submit. I have been creating more art but have not yet submitted anything. There is the fear of failure in this aspiration. What if I send it in and that is the end of it?

Lead Simple Abundance faithfully this year. Be sure to post a starter to each monthly thread. This has become a mute point. I will continue to lead this but the message board where I lead it is shutting down.

Be more active as a mod at OrganizedHome.com. See above. I am going to help, a little anyway, those who are setting up alternatives.

Read a total of 30 books this year – including re-reads. This one is definitely on track. I had some great summer reads. I am at 21 books so far this year.
Fitness 1 – I will walk/run 400 miles this year. I am slowly working on this one. I am at only 200 miles so far so technically behind. I do tend to walk/run more in the fall than summer so may pick it up.

Fitness 2 – I will wear my pedometer faithfully. Pedometer broke. Haven’t replaced it yet.

Fitness 3 – I will find an additional – strength – fitness outlet. Not doing too well on this end. I do occasional weights but nothing set in stone.

Budget 1 – I will pay down my debt. I have worked on paying down debt. It is getting much more manageable.

Budget 2 – I will put at least 10% of my earnings to savings. I am finding reducing debt is easier than keeping money in savings. I will attempt to end the year better than the rest of the year has been.

I will become adept at utilizing menu planning so as to maximize the money spent on food and the variety in our diets. While I haven’t been menu planning as much as I like, I have – due to CSA – managed to put variety in our diets and have utilized much fresher and better foods.


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