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Road Trip!


This is a cry that harkens back to days when I recall gas being under – not to age myself too much – a buck fifty a gallon. It is possible my memory fails me and it was closer to a buck a gallon but we thought that was a lot. We were college students and fall was the time for the road trips.

You go back to school after the summer of being home, working an internship, not seeing friends/housemates for three months. Just as you settle into classes, football season starts! Having gone to a “football” school, this definitely met road trips! We would pack it up and head out for the weekend to Penn State, Maryland, Pitt, Virginia Tech. Some of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen and some of the best road trips.

Last fall I took a few road trips between August 10th and November 12th. This has always seemed to be the road trip time – whether a college student or a mother. Last year it was my daughter\’s college games I went to – 13,000 miles in three months. I, again, saw some wonderful college campuses – Fairfield, Colgate, Niagara, Albany, Penn State.

Now, it is time to take the trips for me. I have a few trips planned already. I have tickets to the WVU-SU game in the Carrier Dome October 6. I am hoping to go to Family Weekend at Niagara October 19-21. There may be a stop in Lakeview, PA (I think that is where it is) on the way home for music – still haven’t gotten this figured out totally yet. I have a possibility to get tickets to the WVU-Rutgers game in NJ the last weekend in October. I am heading to the Catskills one day in the beginning of November.

I want to take a few more trips. I have the old – only technology-wise – camera out. I want to see the leaves turn in New England. I have this, not truly morbid I swear, thought about searching out cemeteries and taking shots of gravestones – especially the old ones in my area.

If you have suggestions of areas, let me know.

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