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Age – Is it Just a Number?

I was in total shock when my middle child – I guess in a group of six, the middle child can be either number 3 (who is half of a set of twins) or number 4 but I am talking about the twin – was chatting with me today. She said that her birthday is exactly four months from this past Monday and then she will be old.

Now she will be 21 in January. She and her twin brother are not the oldest in the family. My thought was she is not the one who should feel old. That should be me! And, while here in the states 21 is an important birthday, she has celebrated turning 19 in Canada so this is just another birthday – I hope!

The whole discussion turned to stories of people saying they were old. She is VP of her college class. Their class advisor – who must be all of 25 and a newlywed – said she had a little crisis at 25 when she realized she was half way to 50. LOL

Let’s talk about those milestones.

My 25th birthday present was an ultrasound picture. I was starting my fourth month of pregnancy with twins.

My 40th birthday was Sept 11th, 2001.

But the funniest story was 31. I was sitting in the living room. By the age of 31, I had four kids. Then-hubby and I were watching a World Series game. The commentators were talking about one of the batters and saying he was 29 – really old. Not even thinking, I said something about him being my age. Well, that was met with a good hearty laugh and a reminder that I was 31.

So yes, age is a number. Numbers mean different things to all of us but we are who we are and a number doesn’t change that.

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