Just my Thoughts


This is a writing that has been a long time in coming.

First, there was the start of it a few days ago. I wanted a cute pic to go with it and that was great except … Let me say upfront that I never knew there was a magazine out there entitled “Flirting with Bondage” which should give you an idea of images that I got when I searched for flirting. I couldn’t find the pic I wanted – what I had in my mind’s eye for this. If anyone out there has one they think is what I am looking for – no bondage please, send it to me.

Second, there are so many different kinds of flirting. You have just the innocent banter that occurs among – between is probably the better word but it is, in the case of friends, not just two people – friends. You are all hanging out together. It may be a combination of singles and couples but you all have known each other forever. Your best girlfriend doesn’t care if you flirt with her husband/boyfriend. They love each other but he likes it when someone else also pays attention to him.

There is the one on one flirting that happens when you first meet someone new. This may be a little strained at first. It consists of language and body language. It is, if you are planning the meeting in advance, the way you dress. Sometimes, we don’t think of all these pieces of the puzzle.

This is a slight aside as I have always hated those shows and dating advice columns that say you need to dress as much for dating as you do for success at work. It is true. I admit, I don’t dress for every trip to the grocery store like I am out to meet someone but when you know you are going to meet someone, for your own sake – and that of the one you are meeting – make an effort. I even took it upon myself to look good for the curriculum night at the high school last night. This is probably foder for yet another blog so the warning is out there.

Nowadays, something that was not an issue when I was dating the first time, there is online flirting. Whether you belong to an online personals site or not, chances are any relationship you are in is going to involve flirting via either IM or email. And, when you can’t hear voice inflection or see facial expressions, how do you know that what you are thinking/meaning is getting through?

Anyway, flirt away! I just had these strange thoughts floating around in my head and wanted them out….

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