Last December I wrote about my first 5K.  Last October about how I had gone from just running for myself to wanting to become a runner.  As you read this, I will be getting to the start line of my first half marathon.  I say first because it is and because I am already registered for my second.

I am nervous – as was evident earlier this week with my post about planning – but I am confident I will finish.  As I did with my first race back in December, I have in my mind a finish time I want to beat.  I have trained hard.  I am sure I can do it.  Should I finish much faster than I anticipate, I will be very happy.  Should I just finish, I will be very happy.

Should you want to know more about this race, please visit its web site.

Look for pictures and a recap on Monday or Tuesday as I recover and begin training again for the next race in a month.

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