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Flexibility and Change

I receive a “Healthy Reflections” email every day from Sparkpeople.com.  Today’s just hit home with me as a friend has been talking about change a lot lately.  Below is the quote that came with the reflection and the reflection itself.  Keep reading!  You will find my thoughts. How Well do You Roll with the Punches?… Continue reading Flexibility and Change

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National Nutrition Month

I know!  There is a day or month for everything.  Nutrition, though, deserves its own month –  maybe even its own year.  To become fit, you need to know how to eat more nutritiously.   The American Dietetic Association sponsors National Nutrition Month.  Please realize that there is more to nutrition than just eating.  You need… Continue reading National Nutrition Month

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Exercise and the Holidays

I am finding that it is harder and harder to work my workout into my life now that Christmas is less than a week away. Friday, I shoveled – TWICE – so counted that as my workout. Yesterday, nothing between running kids around and concerts.  It was my choice to go to these events.  I… Continue reading Exercise and the Holidays

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Two of My Favorite Things

I love pizza!  I also love feta cheese!  I was so excited when a recipe for Spinach Feta Personal Pizza came directly to my inbox this morning.  I cannot wait to try this recipe out.  You will know when I do as I will take a picture of the pizza.  The recipe and nutritional information… Continue reading Two of My Favorite Things