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God Is A …

Man?  Woman?  Being?  I was wondering around the blogosphere when I came across Ronna Detrick’s entry entitled “Do You Remember When God Was A Woman?” I thought long and hard as I was reading both the entry and its accompanying comments.  You see, I am a catechist.  I have completed the Basic Catechetical Certification courses… Continue reading God Is A …

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Move Your Money

I admit to following Arianna Huffington on Twitter.  I started following her after hearing her speak at Ithaca College this past November.  Yet, I somehow missed the kickoff for Move Your Money.  I would hear television plugs for Ms. Huffington coming up on various shows, and saw her tweets about different interviews, but I seemed… Continue reading Move Your Money

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Antiquing and GNO

So in the wonderful cold that we have been having in Upstate New York, people do come into town to visit.  Saturday, two friends from high school and I went on an antiquing trip. We started in Endwell at Charlie Brown’s Antiques.  This is a consignment shop in the Endwell Plaza at the corner of… Continue reading Antiquing and GNO

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Language and Parenting

While the language we choose to use as parents is important, I want to discuss language acquisition and parenting.  As Big Little Wolf has indicated, “parenting rocks. parenting sucks. parenting rocks.” Ever since Becca discussed her son’s lack of language, I have had these thoughts rolling around in my mind.  Parents need to be aware… Continue reading Language and Parenting

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The Flour Baby Project

Each semester the high school student(s) in my house come home with tales of “The Flour Baby Project.” In New York State, high school students must take a half credit of health to graduate.  This course is offered every semester at our high school and includes such topics as STDs, alcoholism, CPR – each student… Continue reading The Flour Baby Project

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The State of New York State

The governor of New York State gave his State of the State address yesterday.  It lasted less than 30 minutes and, in my mind, was short on true details. The address was watched via a WGRZ feed on Pressconnects.com.  At least one person had issues with the feed due to browser compatibility so this method… Continue reading The State of New York State

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Goals and How to Reach Them

I spent a good deal of my life working in sales.  In that time, I managed to glean quite a bit of information about goal setting and goal reaching.  Below are some of the best tips I could give you about setting goals at this time of resolutions for the upcoming year. Put your goals… Continue reading Goals and How to Reach Them