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Balance, Judgment and Some Personal Thoughts

I have spent a lot of time this new year – and yes, the first month is just barely halfway through – reading and commenting on balance, perceptions and judgment.  The problem, personally, is that I was not relating these readings or my comments to my own situation. While balance is, and seemingly will always… Continue reading Balance, Judgment and Some Personal Thoughts

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Kindergarten Conundrum

As usual, I was surfing the web and reading some of the major newspapers of the country.  I like knowing what is going on in the New York Times and The Washington Post as well as several others that are in the Midwest and the West.  Sometimes I miss something but, in that case, a… Continue reading Kindergarten Conundrum

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Through Five for Ten on, I have come to meet and know a huge community of bloggers.  Most are females.  Most are mothers.  Some are married.  Some are single.  All are fantastic! I thought to myself, when I first read about “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” on one of these blog, that this was… Continue reading Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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God Is A …

Man?  Woman?  Being?  I was wondering around the blogosphere when I came across Ronna Detrick’s entry entitled “Do You Remember When God Was A Woman?” I thought long and hard as I was reading both the entry and its accompanying comments.  You see, I am a catechist.  I have completed the Basic Catechetical Certification courses… Continue reading God Is A …