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Antiquing and GNO

So in the wonderful cold that we have been having in Upstate New York, people do come into town to visit.  Saturday, two friends from high school and I went on an antiquing trip.

We started in Endwell at Charlie Brown’s Antiques.  This is a consignment shop in the Endwell Plaza at the corner of North Street and Main Street.  I love looking around in here as it is huge and there is a variety of items available.  Both Kat and I walked out with items.

Since I inherited my grandmother’s pressed aluminum, I always have an eye out for more.  I particularly like platters and trays that I can use when entertaining or when taking items to parties.  This particular trip netted me not only pressed aluminum but two new rings.  Best part, I spent less than $25 on all of the items.

A spoon ring and a knot ring
An Ice Bucket for Wine Bottles
Pressed Aluminum Tray - Bamboo pictured on it
Pressed Aluminum Platter

Once we left Charlie Brown’s we headed east on Main Street to Julie’s Place.  Here we found a lot of furniture.  I would just love to come back here at some point in time to purchase a table or a chair.  I was not in the major furniture purchasing mood so just ogled many pieces.

Then, we headed to Clinton Street in Binghamton where we stopped at Mad Hatter Antiques and another antique store right there.  One was on one side of St Michael’s Greek Orthodox Church and the other on the other side.  I just cannot recall the other store’s name.  Both had some wonderful buys for furniture.  I saw plenty more pressed aluminum but was not spending any more money.

After that, we headed out to dinner.  We ate at The Ground Round in Johnson City.  This is a fairly new location, maybe having been open for less than a year so far.  I had a Chicken and Spinach Salad with grilled chicken and a raspberry vinaigrette that was delicious.  Neither Candy nor Kat had another bad to say about their food either and the service was great.

From this point, we headed to a liquor store to pick up some wine and go hand out at Candy’s home.

One of my new Favs

So what else can you do when the temps are cold and you are on a rest day for running?

10 thoughts on “Antiquing and GNO

    1. We had a blast, Rebecca. Nice to catch up and it didn’t get real cold til the last couple of shops. I would easily do it again some Saturday when I have time if you ever want to go out.

    1. My mother was jealous as she said most of those would have easily cost me $10 to $15 a piece where she is. She and I will head out when she is back East this summer.

  1. Hi Nicki – I just clicked over from Belinda’s site. My first time here. This day you just had? Now that would be a truly fun day for me. Loved seeing the photos of your treasures. There’s so much history where you are, and each time I visit I can easily get lost in it.

    1. Patty – Welcome! And thanks for stopping by. I love going out like I did on Saturday. Just a few friends, or in the summer usually my mom in town from the desert area in CA, and going to these consignment shops or antique stores.

      I also love traveling to all the historic places around here – from Revolutionary War battle sites to Civil War battlefields to more recent battle fields.

      Please come back again! I am heading to check out your site.

  2. Completely random, but is the Salmon Run wine made by one of the NY vineyards? My brother in law and his family used live in Upstate NY (Clinton maybe?) and they’d always bring us bottles of Salmon Run when they came to visit. The hubs and I went on a vineyard tour w/ them once… it’s gorgeous (and the wine was pretty good if I remember correctly 😉 )

    Glad to have found your blog through Drama for Mama – I know you’ve commented on mine but the link didn’t work so I couldn’t find you!

    1. Salmon Run is a NYS wine. It is made by the Doctor Kostantin Frank Winery – http://www.drfrankwines.com/ . I love winery tours in the lakes regions.

      I don’t know why the link doesn’t work on some blogs. It is strange.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

    1. You are more than welcome for the view, Aidan. Have to say my 22 year old is a bit jealous of the view you tweeted about earlier.

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