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Photo Club

I have been going to the Greater Groton Photo Club since it started meeting in November of 2009.  I love the people who are willing to share their knowledge and the things we have done as far as taking pictures.  So, I offer you the images I took on last Thursday at the Greater Groton Photo Club.

Just an FYI.  Some of these have been altered with a photo program.  There are many shots of the same item as each was taken with a different camera setting, with or without a flash, and a different angle.

6 thoughts on “Photo Club

    1. I love the ones of your sculpture. The camera is enroute but I think most of my snow pics – especially if I do them like I did yesterday – will be with the old camera for now. I took the camera on my run with me.

    1. TKW – Steve Gallow, who is the founder of the club, brought that with him. It was a gift from Kyle and Anna, made by their roommate’s father who is a sculptor. It is all forks and spoons and so cool.

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