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Running Back U?

Not exactly but a little known prep school in our backyard is known for the quality and number of running backs it has produced. I remember when Milford Academy was first getting started.  No one in the small upstate NY town of New Berlin was sure about the location in their town.  Townspeople, if I recall… Continue reading Running Back U?

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Well, last weekend was homecoming at my two son’s high school.  This means there was a week of events at school and then homecoming Saturday.  All fine and good but the weather, for the first time in my memory, canceled the annual parade. Homecoming week starts off with the Junior-Senior Reversal game.  The junior and… Continue reading Homecoming

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HBP – Hit by Pitch

So why is it news when Ozzie Guillen lets out that managers do tell pitchers to hit batters?  In my mind, and there are sports purists out there who will think this is blasphemy, this was a given.  I have watched it from Little League to high school through college and pros.  I have seen… Continue reading HBP – Hit by Pitch

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I know that hydration is extremely important to casual athletes, serious athletes, the young, the old.  Our bodies need water to help with the processes of daily life.  In the heat and humidity that signify summer in upstate NY, we may need water more than just when we are exercising.  Training people, and it is… Continue reading Hydration

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CYO Volleyball

In my area, volleyball is a school sport that is now in the fall and is female only.  My sons have all loved to play volleyball and are very athletic.  Consequently, when the Catholic Youth Organization started a volleyball league that goes for about eight weeks in the spring, my kids jumped at the chance… Continue reading CYO Volleyball

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Clarkson versus Michigan

My daughter and I, after watching both Clarkson and Michigan play on Friday, were sure this game was going to be a slaughter.  We figured that Michigan would easily beat Clarkson, possibly by enough early on that we could get an early start on the drive to East Syracuse. Like the shock that most Michigan… Continue reading Clarkson versus Michigan

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Niagara versus Michigan

If there is to be a Cinderella in a hockey tournament, it would be Niagara.  Of the 16 teams playing in the NCAA tournament this year, Niagara is seeded 15th.  They are up against the number one team in their region, a team that had only five losses all season and 32 victories.  Pretty daunting!… Continue reading Niagara versus Michigan