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Road Trip Day One

The day started out a bit slow.  Elise and I couldn’t leave home until the two school-aged boys had gotten on the bus.  Of course, due to the lovely spring weather in Binghamton, they had a two hour school delay.  It was rather icy out from the look out all windows in the house and from the amount of salt that was being dropped by the plows.

Everything was set, though, to leave as soon as the boys got out the door.  They headed to that spot in the backyard designated as “bus stop” while I started cleaning off the car.  Elise put our suitcases, well my suitcase and her duffle, in the truck and we were on our way to Albany by 11 am.

Elise is taking a photo class this semester, which she missed Thursday evening to come home so we could go to the tournament together.  Her assignment is to take pictures of her trip to create a travelogue.  She took pics of road signs and trees, pics of hockey and fans.  I also managed to click off 120 images at the hockey arena.  Thankfully, the cost of developing is not a necessity any longer.

We checked into our hotel a half hour early.  I love being a member of a frequent guest program.  Usually, if there is anything they can do for you, they will.   Also, I encourage all travelers to ask these small questions as usually your room is ready at least an hour prior to check-in time.

We only stayed at the hotel long enough to unload the suitcases and Lei’s laptop so she could get messages from campus.  Then, it was off in some ugly drizzle and a lot of traffic to find the Times-Union Center in downtown Albany.  Yes, I have directions but I have also found out they were not very good since trying to follow them.  Plus, Albany is a bigger city than I am use to driving around in so…. but we finally found, not only the arena, but a parking garage that was next to it at our end of the arena (lucky guess that this is the one we pulled into.

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