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Clarkson versus Michigan

My daughter and I, after watching both Clarkson and Michigan play on Friday, were sure this game was going to be a slaughter.  We figured that Michigan would easily beat Clarkson, possibly by enough early on that we could get an early start on the drive to East Syracuse.

Like the shock that most Michigan fans faced on Friday when the score against Niagara was 0-0 at the end of the first period, we were shocked at the play of the Clarkson team throughout the entire game. 

Championship Game Shot 1

Clarkson kept up with Michigan, even at several points in the game outshooting them.

Championship Game Shot 2

In the end, after much spirited play and wonderful hockey, Michigan came out on top of Clarkson by a score of 2-1 and is headed to Denver to the Frozen Four.

 Championship Game Shot 3


2 thoughts on “Clarkson versus Michigan

  1. oh looking at this hockey reminded me when my oldest played. His colors were the same white/green. wow I can imagine him playing on that ice and loving it. thanks for the memory.

  2. MorningDove – Glad the shots brought back good memories. I love hockey and have enjoyed going to the college games this year with my daughter. – Nicki

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