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Leather Paper

I know it sounds odd – leather paper.  This is a paper technique in Julia Andrus’s Paper Transformed.  I did not have the Perfect Ink Refresher called for in Julia’s original instuctions so I simply spritzed my cardstock with water.

My first attempt did not turn out in any way, shape or manner to look like leather.  I didn’t even bother to try to put it online.

My second attempt was a lavender cardstock to begin with.  It was not a real heavy cardstock so wrinkled up easily.  I did have some issues finding the right ink to highlight the wrinkles with.  This was a part of my first attempt problem.  I also found that I liked the way it looked if I used a stipple brush to apply the ink as opposed to direct to the paper from the ink pad.

Leather Paper - Lavender

I am also working on a piece that looks more like real leather as it is brown.  You can see how it looks more in the image below.  I wanted the lavender for something specific I have in mind.  The brown was a heavier cardstock.  I had to really get it wet to get it to crinkle and wrinkle up good.

 Leather Paper - Brown

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