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ICE – Who is your “in case of emergency?”

I know this is not a topic we like to discuss in this society.  It usually becomes a family issue with older family members.  The question is who is your in case of emergency?

If you are a healthy mid-life adult, do you even think about items like this?  If you have children, do you think about it in conjunction with their travels?

Here is the story.  My ex had a nasty accident on his bicycle about a month ago.  It showed all the signs – cracked helmet, messed up handlebars, stitches in his lip – of an accident that should have required the doctor to think head injury or concussion at the least.  Evidently not.  Last night he went with his friend to the ER due to a loss of use of his leg.  After finally realizing this was a big issue, he was tranferred by ambulance to the hospital in the area that has a nuerological suite.

So why, do you ask, does this bring up the question who is your ICE?  Because at 11:30 in the evening while awaiting ambulance transport to a different hospital, he thought our 19 year old daughter was the one to call.

This entire incident has got me thinking and I thought we should all think about it.  Who is your ICE – your “in case of emergency?”

2 thoughts on “ICE – Who is your “in case of emergency?”

  1. I am not sure why my ex didn’t call me. I do know that, until they admitted him to the second hospital, his girlfriend didn’t even have my phone number. Good news is, after a week that included two surgical procedures and four days in ICU, he is out of the hospital.

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