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Road Trip Report

While I normally post in advance of my trips, the one last weekend was too hectic due to life and prep by the Science Olympiad team to get to my computer and type.  Last weekend, I went to New Paltz, New York for the New York State Science Olympiad competition.

I always help the team load themselves on the school bus and drive down myself.  I do this for several reasons.  The first and strongest reason is I have ridden the school bus before and I do not like the trip via bus.  Second, there are always items that are fragile that need to and they can go in my car so that they are not thrown around on the bus.  Third, I like to have a leisurely time in New Paltz on Friday afternoon.  Once the team is there, all focus is on the competition.  Before they get there, I enjoy myself.

Once I arrived in New Paltz, I had lunch at The Gilded Otter.  The Gilded Otter is a brew-pub and restaurant.  Not only are the local brews delicious, the food is magnificent.  This year I had a delicious burger with carmelized onions and feta cheese on a kaiser bun with my pint of Crimson Lager.  I also picked up a growler for the coaches to share later in the trip.


I also took a leisurely stroll through downtown New Paltz.  My stops included a quick one at Luna Blue to get a new pair of earrings.  This is a wonderful store that has handmade, local artisan work.  I stumbled on it during a previous visit to New Paltz.  I have two beautiful pairs of earrings that have wood inlays.

I also made my annual pilgrimage to Manny’s art supply store.  This is a wonderful visit to me as I do not have access to a real art store in my area.

Saturday was competition all day.  It was busy and exhausting.  The team – 15 competitors and one alternate – placed third in the state.  It is a wonderful job by the middle school kids and all the coaches and parents.   

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