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Manitoba Harvest #pro70 – Product Review

Disclaimer: I received free samples of Manitoba Harvest hemp protein powder in both vanilla and chocolate through my association with Fit Approach. All opinions are my own.


As a vegetarian, I often worry about my “cheats.” I eat eggs. I eat fish. I do not, however, eat drink cow’s milk. I often wonder about things like protein powders. Do they depend on ingredients I should worry about?

Enter Manitoba Harvest. They have a new HempPro 70 protein powder in chocolate and vanilla. I tried both with almond milk after mid-length runs and loved both. Previously, I have only been able to handle protein powders in smoothies. Both of my samples were put in a shaker and mixed with almond milk. No blender. No additional items. I wanted to get a good idea of the taste.

Before I tell you my specific findings, here is some information about HempPro 70. This information was provided by Manitoba Harvest.

  • HempPro 70 is the only water soluble protein powder on the market.
  • Pure, plant-based protein that is 95% digestible.
  • Sweetened with organic coconut sugar.
  • Protein and Omegas. Vanilla has 15g of protein. Chocolate has 14g of protein. Both are chalked full of Omegas.

Both flavors blended/shook up easily. I had no blender to have to clean after my run.The vanilla was goodbut the chocolate was yummy! I tend to lean towards chocolate and am very picky about the taste of my chocolate. Protein powders do not generally make the cut but this one does.

Manitoba Harvest is currently, through September 30th, running a contest. Snap a pic and tag them on Instagram or tweet to them using the hashtag #pro70 and you could win a case of your favorite flavor. Also, purchase either HempPro 70 protein powder and you can receive 20% off by using the code sweatpinkpro70.

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