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Transitioning to Fall

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Julep to do a transition post. I did not receive any compensation other than the infographic near the bottom of this post.

While I may be on the west coast and in the desert where fall is not a huge difference, back home weather is starting to feel like fall. If you’re like me, you really can’t afford a totally new wardrobe for each season (my extra money goes to race entries). Here are some tips for transitioning into fall with your wardrobe, your makeup and your accessories.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up, shall we?

First off, if fall has arrived at your location, you may want to put away the sandals. Consider pulling out some peep toe flats or some boots to make your summer dresses take you a bit further into fall.

You may, if sandals all summer have made your feet look and feel like mine,want to splurge for a pedicure. Definitely time for a different polish. More about polish later.

Summer weight skirts, sundresses and pants can make the transition to fall with the addition of a sweater over the skirt, a cardigan with the sundress, and a long sleeve shirt with the pants. Think texture and vary these textures to make your summer clothes take you further into the fall.

Layers are also fantastic for fall. In addition to the cardigan mentioned above, think jackets. I wear my shells, tanks and camis into fall by throwing a long sleeve Oxford shirt over them or by throwing a jacket over them.

Now let’s go back to those nails. Once I start changing over my wardrobe, I tend to go to a darker polish. Summer will find me in beige or sand polish on my fingernails. My toenails tend to be brighter, maybe even neon. Once fall appears I tend towards a more saturated, darker polish than summer.

Julep nail colors are favorites of mine, having received some as a gift earlier this year. For fall, I’m going to be a Chloe girl, described as a warm cocoa frost. My summer tan carries on through some of fall and Chloe shows it off great. Not sure how you want transition? Check out the infographic below.



What color will you take your nails into fall with? Visit Julep and let me know in the comments. Have your own tips for transitioning? Please share.

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