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The Art of Arranging Flowers – A Book Review

Having been married and then single for longer than the marriage lasted, I was intrigued with the book, The Art of Arranging Flowers . First, I love flowers. To read all about why Ruby picked certain flowers for certain reasons amazed me. I want to know if florists really do that. I also want to learn more about what differing flowers mean.

The Art of Arranging Flowers
The Art of Arranging Flowers

Then came the crux of the book. Ruby needed to be open to love. This part of the book is the part that resonated with me. I could feel her walls and feel how hard it was for her to let them down. Ruby was not open to any kind of love, not just romantic love which tends to be the love we most frequently close ourselves off to. She had to realize that love made her who she was – her love of her community, her love of other people. Those loves made her floral arrangements more than just a bouquet of flowers.

This book brought me to tears four times. That is hard to do in a book. I predict a great best seller. The fact that the book comes with a book club discussion questions just endears it to me further.

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