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Traveling Again

I’ve been traveling. I spent Sunday and part of Monday morning traveling from my home outside Binghamton, New York tomy mother and stepdad’s home outside of Palm Springs, California. I am getting used to the desert heat but not to my hydration requirements here in the heat.

I am taking my acclimation to the heat slowly as I know it is a lot more than I would normally be used to so soon at home. Here are some of my thoughts from my trip and since I have been here in the desert.

  • Why allow me to have a carry-on bag if you are going to make me check the bag at the plane anyway?
  • There’s a reason they make ear phones/buds. It’s so I do not have to hear you playing games on your cell phone.
  • Who numbers plane rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 18, 19, 20, 5? False sense of plane size.
  • Beer in an airport is extremely expensive so how do people end up drunk on a plane? (Which, if you haven’t heard it yet, is Dierks Bentley’s new single. Listen/watch here.)
  • Bathroom scales should not be used to weigh luggage. Horribly inaccurate. Now I am wondering what I actually weigh. Luggage was 25 pounds less at airport.
  • People may look at me funny but I will always wear my compression socks on cross-country flights. Flight from Newark to LA was almost 6 hours.

I am heading out today with the camera, I hope. Will have a photo post soon of the lovely area I am in.

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