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What to do in Winter?

I live in Upstate NY. Most people would say there is little, if anything, to do around here but they are wrong. This year I have been doing some freelancing for a local client, as opposed to my many out of the area clients. In doing so, I have been exposed to many different events that have been going on in the area. Here are some examples.

Let’s start off the year by celebrating the New Year.

People came with masks or bought them there.
People came with masks or bought them there.

Once you get the New Year going, there are your local parks to visit. Even in the winter, there are activities.

Highland Park encouraged outdoor activities - skating, sleighing.
Highland Park encouraged outdoor activities – skating, sleighing.
There is also recycling going on.
There is also recycling going on.
Many trees had been dropped off at the end of January.
Many trees had been dropped off at the end of January.
The ice rink, while not perfect, is on the baseball field at Highland Park.
The ice rink, while not perfect, is on the baseball field at Highland Park.

If you feel inside activities are more for you, you can spend your days baking – as I frequently do as the oven helps take the nip off the house.

Fresh Quick Cheddar Bread
Fresh Quick Cheddar Bread

Then comes the celebration of various holidays around the area. While I have no photos, there was a wonderful celebration of the Chinese New Year at Binghamton High School. Then, local high schools took to Binghamton University for a regional Science Olympiad competition, with three teams advancing to the state competition.

Many events are not open but there were some that could be watched.
Many events are not open but there were some that could be watched.

Sunday was Scout Sunday and a local celebration of 2013 Eagle Scouts. A four county area that is our local council produced 62 Eagle Scouts last year.

2013 Eagle Scouts
2013 Eagle Scouts

And, when all else fails, it is evidently lately that there is shoveling to keep us occupied.

Most recent storm
Most recent storm

What do you do in the winter?








35 thoughts on “What to do in Winter?

  1. It’s nice to find so many things to do in your hometown! We are always looking for things to do where we live, and if you open your eyes, it’s surprising what activities are around!
    xo ~kim & chloe @ popcosmo.com

  2. I’m so over winter right now. When the weather is not that cold, we take the twins to the park. Other than that a movie at home with either coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

  3. I’m down in south florida so there are tons to do during our “winter” 🙂
    I have been dying to go to NY but I need to wait til spring time, don’t think I can handle the cold lol

  4. We’ve had plenty of shoveling to do here as well…although I would venture to guess that you’ve had more snow than us. I’m in CT. Most our weekends go to indoor soccer or skiing, so we haven’t really done a lot of activities around town, but it’s true, if you’re looking, there is always things to do! Visiting from #sitsblogging!

  5. I am so jealous of animals who hibernate this time of year. I feel like my brain and body are in hibernation but I still have to get things done. I typically enjoy indoor activities like cooking, baking, reading, and playing video games in the winter.

  6. I’m sick of the cold and snow here in Columbus, OH, but there really is a LOT to do here too in the winter! Besides taking my workouts to the gym and doing classes, there are always shows, ballets, indoor farmers markets, ice skating, movies, etc…I think it seems like a good idea to save movies and shows and stuff like that for winter months and save the outdoor stuff for summer! Although there are quite a few outdoor activities – and races – in the winter here!

  7. Hi there…stopping by via the SITS Comment Love challenge. I went to college in Potsdam, NY and grew up in Vermont. During the winter I played musical instruments, read books, did a little skiing and ice skating, but I really didn’t like being cold. I remember coming out of the movies, getting into the car and shivering! I came to So. California for grad school, married an avocado farmer and stayed…four kids…all grown now. It’s warm here in the winter! No snow days! Happy Blogging!

  8. Thankfully when it snows it doesn’t stay for long here in Denver and winters are pretty mild so we are still able to enjoy most of the things we do any other time of year, just a little less often. I spend more time with the kids at the library in the winter

  9. i would love to be able to go sledding and iceskating. i love that your parks have snow activities! we haven’t gotten much snow here in southwest VA. (from a SITS girl!)

  10. I also live in an area where people think there’s not much to do but I find taking walks through the park next to my house and cooking/baking are more than enough for me to have fun. I like your positive thinking 🙂

  11. That’s so neat that you have an outdoor ice skating area! We get real cold but we’d probably fall through if we attempted to skate on the frozen lakes! In the winter we definitely don’t get out much but we do take advantage of warmer days in the winter to get outside.

  12. That cheese bread looks great! I love any bread with cheese. I also love the sound of the ice rink.

    Stopping over from SITS Girls. Meant to comment Tuesday, but accidentally commented in the wrong group.

  13. I’m in Oklahoma and we haven’t been hit with too much snow. But the frigid temps have been keeping me inside. My kids and I have been doing our fair share of cooking, reading, snuggling in front of the fireplace, and watching movies.

    1. The frigid cold is another story all together. I do not necessarily want to be outside doing things when it gets so darn cold. I’ve had frozen kitchen pipes three times this winter.

  14. I love baking in the winter! It really does warm up the house nicely. I also move most of my exercise indoors — lifting weights and spinning classes.

  15. We like to go sledding around here. My husband takes the boys ice fishing when he gets a chance. I have a little one under one so I use him as my excuse to skip sitting on the frozen ice. I also love winter for crafting. I don’t feel guilty for staying in and crafting when the weather is icky and cold.

  16. We live in Canada so we are used to winter! I like to read, we go for hikes and we run when weather permits. It is also a great time to hunker down and binge watch some tv shows and movies!

  17. Well, yesterday we shoveled the roof! Ice dams are no fun but there is a lot to do around New England in the winter. We take the kids to the river to go eagle watching – the population has grown so much over the past 30 years – its great to see. We also took the kids bowling – they couldn’t believe this is what their grandparents used to do with us in the winter before all the electronics. Skiing, snowshoeing and sledding are all great too! Finding you through SITS Girls – so glad to connect!

  18. I’m glad we only get one or two snow days a year. That Xmas tree drop off makes my bones chill. Your cheese bread looks wonderful.

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