Just my Thoughts

Do You Ever…

… try to find old friends?

When I went to Richmond to run the marathon in November, I looked up one of my dearest friends from my childhood. The last time we had seen each other was when her father had died. She had come up to get some belongings. She had her daughter with her. I brought my oldest. We helped her move furniture. This time was a bit harder. I was in Richmond with a specific agenda. I did not have a phone number or email address. I took the bus to the race so no car. I managed to get a hold of her through Facebook – though I am certain her children would say she is never really on there. It worked. We didn’t see each other for long. She had a bachelorette weekend for one of her daughters. I had a marathon to contemplate. But we saw each other.

Next month I’m heading to Asheville, North Carolina. I have a friend who I stood up with at her second marriage who now lives with her third husband in Asheville. I’ve already let her know I am coming down. I also know, though I say know in the broad internet sense of the word as we have never met in person even if we were at the same places at the same time previously (I love Wineglass), an author in the area. I am not going to be there long, maybe four or five days. I am not running a full marathon, but a half. There are other things I have to do while there. I will find time to see Trish and her family and, hopefully, Matt and his family.

So today, I went looking for another friend I have in North Carolina. I had tried to look him up before but never had success. I knew that he had moved to a large metropolitan area from the last Christmas card we exchanged. I was unsure where he was now. Today, despite his lack of a photo on LinkedIn, I found him. You may ask how. He’s a pastor. I could tell from his writing on his church’s web site it was him. He is not where I am headed next month. But, if I can manage to connect, I’d love to have coffee and catch up.

So do you ever look for old friends online? Had any success? If you travel – for work, pleasure or racing – do you try to run into people as you go?

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