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Texting on the Road

At the end of last month, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new texting sign on state roadways. Realize that back on either June or July 1st, the fine for texting while driving went up to $150 and 5 points on your license. Also realize that in New York, you receive tickets for three texting violations and you lose your license.

On the bus ride to Albany at the end of September, I saw it. The sign, approximately five miles from a rest area, said “It can wait/Text Stop/5 miles.”

I’m not saying texting and driving should be legal. It should NOT. I am, though, skeptical of signs that, while saying to wait, encourage texting.

Is there some hypocrisy in putting up a portable sign with the new penalties for texting and driving on them and then encouraging a texting stop? Subliminally, does a wait sign just remind someone of a text they should send?

What do you think? 

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