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Packing for a Relay

This is a part of the series of posts regarding my experience running the Ragnar Relay series in the Adirondacks.

I spent quite some time scouring the internet for lists of what to pack for a Ragnar Relay. I’ve read all kinds of lists but seemed to fall back on the one created by Sarah and Dimity of Another Mother Runner.

Unfortunately, my printer has been crap lately so said list didn’t get printed and have items added to it and check marks made on it. I did, though, leave it open on my laptop for over a week. I still forgot things.

As my son pulled into the bus station parking lot on Thursday morning, I realized I never threw my rolling pin or my golf ball – both substitutes for taking my foam roller with me as they take up significantly less room – into my bag. I quickly hoped someone else in the van I’m in would have similar items. Just let me say that before owning a foam roller, the rolling pin worked just fine. I wash it thoroughly after using it to roll out my legs. With the rolling pin being more compact and the fact that we rented mini-vans to keep costs down, space would be at a premium.

Things I packed that may seem odd included a point and shoot camera. My phone gets wonky and I’m not missing the fall foliage in the ADK. I also have a small, reusable – think grocery bag size – bag. It’s my carry on the bus bag. It is also going to be my in the van bag. My huge duffel – which is a hockey bag if memory serves me – will either stay at Loretta’s or go in the carrier we have for van one. I packed a pillow blanket my mom made for one of the kids. I can sleep anywhere so figured this item, belonging to one of my daughters, will be great as either a pillow or a sleeping item. It takes up very little room and can go behind my head during drive times.

The one tip everyone had for packing was Ziploc baggies. This is a trick I used years ago in July of ’89. My then-husband and I drove cross-country with four kids under five. Outfits were paired up in zippies with color-coded names on them so even the 2 1/2 year old twins could dress themselves – once they had clean diapers on. So I had zippies for run one, run two, run three. One for extra running gear – just in case stuff. And one for every day clothing. Worked great and the stinky, dirty running gear went back in an empty zippie when I changed so no one had to smell my sweaty clothes.

Have you ever run a relay? What is your one big packing tip?

4 thoughts on “Packing for a Relay

  1. I think we were the lightest packers on our trip… That being said the 1 thing I regret not packing was the 2 cold weather sleeping bags for us. I should not have counted on us going back to the hotel to sleep. With the roof carrier we definitely could have fit those bags.

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