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Shutdown! Shut Up!

No, I do not want those who are talking and writing about the current US government mess to shut up. I want government to shut up and do their flipping jobs.

I worked in politics for about eight years. I saw all kinds of good and bad. I saw the polarization that parties create and the art of compromising good men utilized. I have seen most everything. I lived through, as an adult that was – since the age of 12, I have been a political junky – very interested in the problem, the government shutdown in the 90’s. Unfortunately, this government shutdown has an added issue with the US debt ceiling about to hit its limit at the same time.

First, the debt ceiling limit has been known. We have had recent debt ceiling limit increases five times since President Obama has taken office. Congress has raised the debt ceiling 14 times in the years 2001-2013. Why the sudden worry about what they are doing? Seriously, I do not believe that the constant living outside our means is sustainable but is it so unsustainable that during a slow recovery time seem like the best time to test that theory.

Congressional representatives are elected to do what is best for the country – as seen through the eyes of their particular constituents. This does not mean that the congressmen and women know what’s best. It does mean they have a job description. Currently, they are not doing their job. They are not voting – whether in a positive or a negative way – on a way to end this governmental mess. They must do so.

Wall Street is not going to wait forever. Eventually, the markets are going to realize that hoping, thinking that Congress was going to do its job was a huge mistake. A fall will come and it will affect many more families than those currently affected with no pay or no benefits. A strong dip – a loss of more than 1000 points or possibly more – will send the US economy into a tailspin. A strong dip will cause pensions to fall into disarray. Pension issues will cause workers to work longer. This will cause the younger worker unemployment to raise. Anyway, it will be a mess.

All I ask is for Congress to its job. Get a bill ready and actually vote on it instead of worrying about whether a vote will pass or not. VOTE! That’s your job.

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