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Women’s Distance Festival 5K – Race Recap

Last Thursday evening I ran my first 5K of the year. I am not a huge 5K fan. I do not like running miles prior to a race and 3.1 miles just seems too short to get going. I like mid-distances best but because of what this particular race stands for, I run it if I possibly can. Last week was a tough one to get this in as I had spent from 12-5 on my feet at the front gate of the golf tournament but I managed to get home, change and get to the other side of the county to the park where the race was with a little time to spare.


Let me tell you a bit about why I like this race so much. It’s history. There is the short reason. For those who do not know, women and running were not a good – or, in sanctioned events, an allowed – item in the not so distance past. It was Kathrine Switzer who broke the sex barrier in Boston by registering with only initials, instead of her first name. The Olympic Summer Games did not include a women’s marathon until 1984 in Los Angeles. For the last 29 years, the Triple Cities Runners’ Club has celebrated women and running by holding this 5K. It is the longest running Women’s Distance Festival in the northeast.

The 5K is run on the road and trails in Otsiningo Park. All are paved. This particular year there were over 200 runners.


There were high school girls’ teams that came to run together. There were mother-daughter teams, sister-sister teams. This is just a fantastic celebration.

This almost 20 minute video shot by one of the men (Great job, Chris Cowden!) helping at the race is probably the best thing I can say about this particular race.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Distance Festival 5K – Race Recap

    1. Strangely enough, no. This course starts at what would not have been part of the park then (I don’t think), up by what use to be the old I-81 rest area, and goes out the north end of the trail. Spiedie Fest race is all in the park’s main area.

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