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Ending Summer

While I live in NYS and schools do not start back until after Labor Day, friends across the country are sending their children back to school which means summer is slowing coming to a close. This past weekend I spent time inside and out as I did house things I have been working on over the summer and went to an event in Binghamton.

Saturday was taken up with painting. Last winter my landlord had new, energy efficient windows put on the house. The standard size was smaller than the previous windows had been so there was additional work that had to be done, also. I have been working on painting the window sills, as well as cleaning the windows and the mini-blinds.

I also took off for my long run. The plan called for 18 miles. In trying to get myself used to multiple runs in a day, I decided I was going to run 7 and then 8 and then 3. While my Ragnar legs will be 5.2, 8.7 and 8, they will be run with more recovery time than I was planning but the plan is to get myself use to this. The weather was beautiful and I headed out and when I got to the turnaround for my first run, I decided to make a loop. Foolish me as I forgot – or just chose to push it out of my mind – that the bridge is still closed. My seven miler became a 13 miler. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough water or fuel – in the form of energy gels – with me. The run got done but it was not pretty.


Saturday evening involved a lot of football. Being an alum of West Virginia University, I love watching the guys who make it to the big league. Saturday I was treated to watching Pat White, Geno Smith and Tavon Austin play. None of the teams were playing against each other so my remote hand got a workout.


Sunday brought about a volunteer situation. If you recall, I volunteered the week before at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open – a stop on the Champions Golf Tour. This weekend it was volunteering at a major 5K. There are tons of 5Ks each summer. Some weekends, if you could teleport between locations, you could probably run 4-6 a weekend. I am not a huge 5K runner so I volunteered to help with the race. I was set to be a course marshall.


I was very excited to see an elite runner – yes, it was that kind of race – that was wearing his Blue Ridge Marathon shirt. I recognized the man, both from the shirt and from his running form when I saw him on the course. It is truly a small world.

I like this particular race as it is in the middle of bicycle racing. I get to see a little road racing and some bike racing.

What do you do to mark a late summer weekend? Did you race? Go to a farmers’ market? 

3 thoughts on “Ending Summer

    1. It was the 2nd place male finisher at Blue Ridge. Spoke to him briefly after the race but he does not really speak much English. He did not win this 5K but the winner finished in under 14 minutes.

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