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Monthly Goal Check-in

I am seriously thinking that each month goes by quicker as we get older. That can be the only explanation for how fast July went by.  I need to start cracking down to get to some of my goals by the end of the year as these months are going by so quickly. Top that off with a major family event at the beginning of September – my youngest daughter (who is 25) getting married – and I am sure the rest of this year will just fly by.

I added no races to my quest for 13 races in 2013 in July. I was registered for the Boilermaker in Utica mid-month but did not make it to the race. This was my first ever did not start. I felt horrible about not getting to the race but did have a good weekend regardless of missing the fun of the race. If all works out this month, I will finish off races number 11, 12 and 13.

As I progress into marathon training, my monthly mileage has bounced back up. I ran 114 miles in July and my total July miles are 136. Unfortunately, neither of these make look like my annual goals will be achieved. I wanted to run 1500 miles this year and at the end of seven months I am at 755. I wanted my total miles (biking, walking, swimming and running) to be 2013. I am currently at 822. I may have to realize that I either need to change my goals or realize I am not going to meet them.

My post-run cool downs are becoming regular. I am not forgetting to walk some amount to help my legs cool down and just use my muscles differently.

To help myself get back on track with my eating, I have been using It has helped me lose five pounds but is not making meal planning more intuitive. I do not like having to keep details of everything I eat but I do it. I am hoping to eat better and get to a place where I do it without the constant noting what I eat.

I read two more books in July.  That puts me at 12 for the year as of the end of July. I am only two books behind my goal and am currently started in on three other books.

So again I ask, do you make annual goals? Do you revisit these on a monthly or quarterly basis to see how you are doing? How do you hold yourself accountable?

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