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Runner’s World Half and Festival Recap II

It’s really almost all #RunChat!

Saturday morning arrived earlier than necessary as I was to report to the volunteer check-in a half hour before my shift began. That meant figuring out how to get to the expo area and this was a good thing as getting there meant I could get to the parking lot for the start of the race on Sunday morning. Thankfully, Saturday morning was the morning that was foggy and hard to see where I was going. Sunday morning would be beautiful and clear.

After doing both packet pick up and tee shirt pick up, I left my volunteer area and went back to the car to charge my phone for a bit. I knew I would leave the phone charging while I looked around and went to the rest room. While my legs were balking a bit at having stood for 5.5 hours on pavement, I had had lots of water when I wasn’t busy so I was well hydrated. I would keep drinking throughout the day as the next day was race day.

A little after 11, I headed to ArtsQuest to locate Katie (@KatieRunsThis) who had run both the 5K and the 10K that morning. When I am out of town and know others I follow on Twitter are going to be in the same location, I try to connect. This does not always work but it is worth a try. I am in total amazement of Katie as she ran the Hat Trick – all three races: 5K and 10K Saturday morning and half on Sunday – and all this shortly after returning home from time at Ironman Kona. I would be exhausted from the travel alone. Katie and I chatted for a bit and then we both headed in different directions as seminars were going to be starting.

Saturday, from noon until approximately 6 pm, there were a variety of seminars and book signings along with the open expo. I signed up for four seminars but truthfully only went to two. I was so tired by the time the #RunChat Tweetup was over that I could not think of sitting through more seminars. The seminars ranged from panels discussing how to run better to nutritional information and fueling your body to movies about running and discussions after the movie. Then, right in the middle, was the #RunChat Tweetup.

Scott and David, co-founders of #RunChat, were introduced by Bart Yasso to a group of about 25 tweet chat participants. In the background, the #runchat hash tag was showing on a TV screen from David’s computer. As a unique – and unexpected segway – introduction, the panel on running better which Bart had been on just before this had discussed finding online communities if you couldn’t find or start a local one. The guys talked about how #RunChat got started. They answered questions while participants took photos with their smartphones and tweeted about the meeting. Photos below!

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I got to meet Harold (@VetRunnah) during the tweetup. It is truly exciting to meet those you “talk” with online in real life.

After this was over, I decided I was just tired enough that I was not going to the other two seminars I had registered for and was going to head to Bethlehem Brew Works and then to my hotel to watch the West Virginia football game (as a superstitious football fan, I may not watch another game as the times I have managed to watch a game, WVU has lost).

Stay tuned for a part three. I hate being long winded but I did actually run a race.

2 thoughts on “Runner’s World Half and Festival Recap II

  1. I swear in that one picture that I’m not sad!!

    Seriously though, thanks for coming by and snapping up some photos. It was great to meet you this weekend and have a live #runchat with you.

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