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A Tale of Two Runs

First off, let me be right up front and say most people need to break in new running shoes. I have never been like most people. If a shoe does not feel right on a run right out of the box, I take it back or give it away. I seldom “break in” running shoes.

Last week I got a new pair of running shoes. While I loved my Brooks Pure Connects, since having a bout with plantar fasciitis, I knew I would need something with a bit more support to the shoe. I tried the Pure Connects on in the store but they hurt when I tried running on the track at Dick’s. I started looking at the Pure Cadence (a price point that is not in my budget at the moment), Pure Grit and Pure Flow. After trying on and a quick light job in the store, I opted for the Brooks Pure Flow as my new shoe. I was really excited to get home and run. Unfortunately, I had a lot to do before I could hit the road.

About 5:30 that evening, an odd running time for me, I headed out for an hour of running in the new shoes. I was hoping that I could eventually get back to my 5 miles in one hour pace as I had come close many times recently. These shoes felt fantastic. I managed to get in 5.25 miles in my hour.

The next day I headed out for another run in the new kicks. I could not believe it. The 5 miles took me over an hour, five minutes. What was different about this run? The time of day, definitely. I am more likely to run at midday, though, than almost any other time so I figured it couldn’t be that. The lack of recovery between the faster run and this might have played into it. The heat and sun was definitely more of a factor than the evening before. The route was different. The longer timed route did have more hills in it that were something other than rolling which is basically what the fast route is.

I have no idea what made one day’s five miler so great and the next day’s so crappy. I would love to be able to isolate and analyze but way too many factors are out of my personal control so that is basically impossible. I am just going to say – whether the run was good or bad – I am loving my Pure Flows.

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