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I usually go with my gut feeling. Back when I first heard of the Runners World Run Streak challenge, my gut feeling was to ignore it. I retweeted the information, sure that someone in my timeline would be interested. Then, I received an email regarding the streak and I figured why not. I only had to run a mile at least once a day on 38 consecutive days.

I managed 13 days in a row of at least one mile. 12 of those days were within the Memorial Day to 4th of July timeline that the streak is set up to run. The 13th day would be Sunday, May 27th, the day I ran the Buffalo Marathon. Many reasons why I thought, initially, I should bow out of the streak. Below are the actual reasons I did.

May was an exhausting month. It started with one very hot and long marathon – I know, no longer than any other marathon – in Pittsburgh. It ended with the start of the Run Streak and a much cooler 26.2 in Buffalo. I should have realized after all that in May that this was not the time to try to start a streak.

I wore old running shoes in the Buffalo Marathon. This was a huge mistake. My Pure Connects already had a 300 plus miles on them. To run an additional 26.2 was probably not a good idea. I do know that as I get tired in any race – but especially in a marathon – I start to heel strike. Problem is I bruised my heel. Nothing else in my foot hurts. It does not hurt to run as long as I watch my form. It does hurt to walk. My heel needs to rest.

More importantly, this Saturday is the Vestal XX. While I swore last year was the last I would run this race, I fully intend to make it three years in a row. This is a brutal 20K but I love it. I do hope to cut some time off my course best but just want to enjoy the run.

Consequently, after staying up all night Friday, June 8th into Saturday, June 9th, I gave up the run streak. I was up all night volunteering at my son’s high school after prom party. I was exhausted. My heel hurt. My legs were tired. My body wanted sleep. I decided to take four days off, right then and there. I haven’t run since Friday, June 8th but will tomorrow.

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