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Great Grad Gift

We all know about the tried and true graduation gifts that high school graduates – whether college or work bound – are receiving these days. There is the almighty cash. Truthfully, one can never go wrong with cold, hard cash. It does, though, seem rather impersonal. There are gift cards – to WalMart, to Bed, Bath & Beyond, to grocery chains, to bookstores. These are also great ideas and easily gotten and given.

Want to give an actual gift? Something that you are going to have to wrap? Want to give something that every graduate needs, whether staying home, going to community college, attending a four year institution or heading to work? Probably the only person who does not need this gift is someone entering the armed forces as they tend to be provided with everything they need.

Buy that high school grad a tool kit.

Bought in 2005 from Target for $15

You may think I am crazy but it is true. Very few grads have tools that are their own. You may wonder why they need tools. Who needs tools living in a dorm room? Let’s take this example. It’s parents’ weekend. College has been in session for four or five weeks. When Mom and Dad came to visit, Dad didn’t bring his tool kit like he did at drop off in August. He figured all the pieces were put together all ready. College kid realizes getting to a mirror in the communal bathroom is difficult, at best, in the morning. So off to the local store and a full length mirror is bought for the back of the door or a spot on the dorm room wall. Just how are you going to put that mirror up?

In comes the tool kit that came to school with the student. It may only be 15 pieces but it has a hammer and several sizes and types of screw drivers. The mirror goes up with no difficulty and the student with the tool kit makes new friends as not everyone thinks to bring screw drivers and a hammer to college with them.

Inside the Tool Kit

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