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Lessons from #RWRunStreak … So Far

As I have said before, I was hesitant at first to join the Runners World Summer Streak Challenge. While I love a challenge, I live by my plans (very rigid when it comes to most things). Second issue was it started the day after my second May marathon. I said screw it! How hard can at least one mile a day be. I am finding out just how hard. Here, though, are some lessons I have learned.

1. Love the short run
I use to cringe when I would see a three or two mile run in my training plans. I always thought what are these idiots thinking. Who wants to get dressed to run and then only do that little distance? I am, after a week of only 14 miles and many of those one and two mile runs, learning to love the short run.
2. Need more running clothing
I have come to the realization that I need to purchase a few more sports bras and some more running tops. I am particularly lacking in sleeveless tops that fit and do not chafe my arms.
3. No need for music or a Garmin every time I walk out the door
Since getting my Garmin as a birthday gift, I have been religious – until this past week – about always having it on. Many of my first week runs in the streak were recovery runs from my marathon on May 27th. I didn’t really want to push the pace so I ran known distances close to home and without my Garmin. What a freeing feeling!!
4. There is a reason for rest days
I always knew there was a reason for rest days. I embraced my rest days. Unlike most runners, I looked forward to taper – not to those two and three mile runs but to the overall concept of fewer miles. Now my rest days have taken on a new meaning. A rest day is a day where I don’t lace up until 8 pm for a quick mile or where I lace up a 7 am and do that run and then have the rest of the day to stretch.
5. Water is a necessity
I have found, especially coming off a marathon, water is a necessity on every run. Even going out for a mile, I get the urge to take a drink – odd because I can go a couple miles in a race without water. Maybe this is just in my head. I don’t know but this is a re-enforcement of a previous lesson learned.

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