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Training Plans

Do you plan your training or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

I know this may seem like a really strange question, particularly if you are deeply dedicated to one process or the other. I like to think I am in the middle. I love to have a plan, a very detailed plan. That plan, though, must be flexible enough that I am not beating myself up if I miss something.

I am running two marathons in May. These two races are three weeks apart. Many people have said I am nuts to even try to accomplish this type of a strain on my body. Others want to know how I am going to do it.

I have a three week plan for between the two races. I am hoping I can follow this plan, which is different from any other plan I have ever followed. Most plans I have followed have set out specific mileage for each run. My three weeks between the two races includes more than normal rest days and long runs measured in time, not miles.

Being slightly anal, I have put all of this into a spreadsheet and I have noted, under those hourly training runs, the approximate number of miles I think I will cover during them. The question yet to be answered is can I keep up the pace I am currently using on long runs after running a marathon.

After getting these three weeks set into a system, I started looking for training plans for my October marathon, the Amica Marathon in Newport, Rhode Island.

My youngest son is leaving for college this summer so I want to have some time to spend with him. I do realize that he will not want to spend time with me. I just do not want to be so scheduled with training that I cannot spend what little time he wants with him. I looked for a plan that has three or four days a week of running as opposed to the five days a week that I am use to using. I am still not totally set but think I have a plan in place to use.

What goes into your selecting a plan to train for a race? Do you fly by the seat of your pants, running when you want and for as long as you want? Any suggestions for me?


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