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Five for Five

Last week, the sisters at Momalom.com hosted Five for Five. I loved the previous versions of this community building exercise and was determined to participate again. I should have really thought things through, as I hate to commit to something and not follow through but that is exactly what I did.

I was good with the five days of topics. I managed to only get two of them written, though. On the Friday leading up to the start, my son’s last high school drama production opened. This is just a weekend engagement, three shows. A lot less time goes into the actual weekend of the production than the weeks of music rehearsals, dance rehearsals and general rehearsals. I had blog posts all figured out in my mind but didn’t get time over the weekend to put them into a typed format.

Monday came and I only put one of the five posts on my blog. I had other things to do, actual obligations that would not wait for another day like a post for Tuesday could wait. I ended up getting just Monday and Tuesday posts up. Wednesday, the day itself, is a blur. Thursday I was in Syracuse all day. Friday was a zoo. This is life. It is not really any big deal but I am disappointed with myself.

I want to say thank you to Sarah and Jennifer for offering the opportunity to reconnect with those whose writing I have read before and those whose writing I have not read before. I will catch up and will post those last three posts some day. Just not right now. Life is calling.

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