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What’s in a Number?

You hear it all the time. Age is just a number. For being “just a number,” age certainly gets a lot of attention. I wonder why in some cultures, age is revered but here in the US it is fought off. And what of the difference in age of men and age of women.


Let’s look at the cultural issue first. I know age as a cultural issue is boring. I don’t understand, though, why many European cultures and Asian cultures revere their elderly. As one ages in these cultures, one is looked up to. One is sought out for advice. One is sought out for life experiences. Here in the US, it is harder to find work as one ages. One is not looked up to but seen as out of date. One is not sought out but is put in a corner where one cannot do any harm to society or self.


Then, there is the sexual divide in aging. A man with gray hair – a distinct sign of aging – is thought to be distinguished. A woman with gray hair is thought to be unkempt – we all know she could color her hair, hide the gray. A man who is older can date whom he pleases. He is established, in most cases, in his business field/life. He is looked to for business advice. A women who is older is called names dependent on who she dates. Too young a date and she is a cougar. Too old a date and she is a gold digger, especially if he is richer than she is.


So what I really want to say is age truly is just a number. I am doing things at 50 that I would never have thought to or been able to do at 25. You are who you are and you will do what you want to do when you are able to do it.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Number?

  1. I think being older is better. I’m 58 and feel better about myself than ever before. I disagree that women with grey hair are viewed as “unkempt”. I’m grey and so is my wife. She’s very comfortable with it and I think she looks distinguished as many think men do. Funny thing is other women have asked “why won’t you(me) allow my wife to color her hair”. I don’t have a say…its her choice. I think people fall into the traps and stereotypes of “grey is bad” and then dye their hair. On being older I now understand the wisdom one has because of years of experience. I agree that the “number” doesn’t matter and its how one feels about themselves. But I also feel our society should see the value in older people.

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