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Women’s Distance Festival – Binghamton

I have to admit that I have been woefully neglectful of my blog this summer.  I have been running – literally and figuratively – around a lot this summer so I am going to try and catch up these next few weeks as the kids, not quite sure why I still use plural as I only have one high school child left at home, get ready for the first day of school.


Back in July, I had originally had plans to run two different Women’s Distance Festival runs – one in Dryden at the beginning of the month and one in Binghamton at the end of the month.  The Dryden run did not happen for any number of reasons but there was a great opportunity that was taken advantage of instead.


July 29th, the day of the Binghamton run, rolled around and was in the middle of some of the hottest weather we had had in ages.  The race was not scheduled until 6:30 pm which was okay with me, even though I tend to run earlier rather than later.  I made zucchini brownies to take those with me for after the race.  The spread that is out after all the Triple Cities Runners’ Club events is always amazing.


About 3 pm, the area had a horrible thunderstorm.  Evidently, everyone was concerned.  My only thought was that the park would have water issues.  If that didn’t happen, it would be all good and the run would go on as planned.  Rain wouldn’t stop the run but the thunder and lightning might postpone it.  Luckily by 6:30, there was sun again.


A group of four of us met up to ride to the park together.  Two of the women have always been walkers.  The third was going to walk today because she had not been able to train during the summer like she would have liked and to support one of the other walkers.  When we got to the park, I found Carrie.  We had started other races together and hung out to start this one together.  I know that I am not as fast as Carrie but I can run one mile with her and pace her at the beginning.


The race was fantastic.  I hit a personal best for a 5K.  I do not tend to run a lot of 5Ks.  I am more a distance runner, no doubt about it.  I do, though, enjoy the 5K before and after – the camaraderie.


Since getting my DSLR, I can’t run with it so I have no photos of this race.  I will point you to this Facebook video and hope you can get to it –

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