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Skeptic at Heart

While I have been told that I am too trusting by many people, I find myself being a skeptic here in the last day or two of the 2011 Tour de France.  As almost anyone knows – even those who do not follow the sport of cycling, doping allegations and proven cases have been rampant in the… Continue reading Skeptic at Heart


Selling Personal Information

Just what are you willing to do to help your state remain solvent? You may wonder why I ask. The state of Florida DMV is selling registered drivers’ information. This information is not being sold to blanket companies. It is being sold to insurance companies, towing companies, car manufacturers. The state made over $60 million… Continue reading Selling Personal Information

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Youth Sports & My Friend Jenn

Jenn is an ambassador for MVP Health Care’s Generation Go.  This program, as I understand it, is giving her prompts for blog posts and giveaways.  Well, her post this week was regarding youth sports and tips for getting your kids involved in them.  While I left Jenn a comment and suggest you go check out… Continue reading Youth Sports & My Friend Jenn