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Where I Am From

I have spent parts of my morning – those not spent chatting with my mother or watching the Tour de France or working – reading different entries of this meme.  I want to thank Maria at for posting it as that is where I read it first.

I am from Airstreams and Coachmen campers, from Barbies and Kens and Mimi-knitted clothes for Barbie and her friends.

I am from an upstairs apartment and then an old den downstairs that became mine as a room.  While no door on the den and dark paneling, I made it me by painting all the trim – including the built-in bookcase – orange (not peach or yellow but true bright orange).

I am from peonies in the front yard in June with huge ants crawling on them, the trees in the forest whose names I learned in Latin.

I am from seeing whose candle can make it further down the street after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and watching hose races with my father or my stepmom, from Kate and June and Eleanor – though my name is much more modern than those.

I am from the small town and little city.

From Christmas being a year-round spirit and church and confirmation being important.

I am from Catholicism eventually. From the family that was involved in the church.  From Episcopal-ism that led me to rebel as its founders did against Rome.  From nature being around me with God always surrounding me.

I’m from Endicott and England, Ireland and Scotland – a mutt by true definition, liver and onions and Cornell chicken.

From the fudge I made that would not set but the family sat around and ate with spoons, the blending of families and traditions so all are happy on holidays, and the cooking for hours to eat for days.

I am from shoeboxes and envelopes, computer files and frames.  Images from my past and my present that will always be part of me.

If you are interested in seeing more of these posts about where people are from, check out Maria’s above or Stephanie’s or LouLou’s.  You can also see the template for this meme at

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