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NCAA Sports

I have written about collegiate sports on many occasions.  This particular occasion comes to you via an ad that the NCAA is running during the current basketball tournament.  I have to write about something having to do with the Madness and my bracket is not the thing as it is dismal after two days of play.

People frequently will be heard complaining about the cost of tickets to this sporting event or that sporting event.  I do it myself sometimes.  I have never complained about admission prices for a college game, though.  Sometimes, it is expensive for college sports but most times, it is barely enough to cover upkeep of fields, rinks and courts.  I thought, and now I have seen the ad below several times, the NCAA had hit the nail on the head the first time I saw the ad below.  It gets across the point that the monies collected through broadcast rights do not just sit in some big organization.

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12 thoughts on “NCAA Sports

  1. Cool, Nicki. My daughter is watching like crazy. I’m glad because my husband is not a basketball fan but I am and I’m glad to see her like what appeals to her and not just what a parent likes (like football!).

    1. We are going to have a knock down, drag out here, Linda. I am a WVU alum and root for them but my oldest is a huge Syracuse fan.

    1. I was watching NCAA Women’s hockey championship online yesterday as the basketball tourney was on in the background. The hockey championship had Cornell and U of MN-Duluth go to 19:26 in the third OT before MN-Duluth won.

    1. You know it, Kristen. If it ends up SU and WVU in the end, he had better find somewhere else to watch the game. LOL!

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