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This and That

A few weeks ago, I started a post that was going to be my opinion on one thing that was happening in the world. Instead, the post turned into a mish-mash of of opinions on several recent items I had been thinking of. Could I write a big post about each item? Yes. Do I… Continue reading This and That

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This and That Tuesday

I had two fairly lengthy blog posts about individually unique items all set to publish. One would be geared towards running and hydration, the other towards education in a way. Now I think you are going to get several small snippets of this and that, all of which may become full blown blog posts in… Continue reading This and That Tuesday

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Cornell Hockey

Last week, my daughter and I picked up a former classmate of hers from university and made what seems to be our annual trek to Cornell University. We live about 40 miles from Ithaca, New York and Cornell is an easy drive for a game or event, providing weather cooperates. The reason for the trip… Continue reading Cornell Hockey

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NCAA Sports

I have written about collegiate sports on many occasions.  This particular occasion comes to you via an ad that the NCAA is running during the current basketball tournament.  I have to write about something having to do with the Madness and my bracket is not the thing as it is dismal after two days of… Continue reading NCAA Sports

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Academics, Athletics and the University

Seems that there is a constant discussion in my area regarding the local university, its ladder to division one collegiate sports and putting academics on the back burner.  This discussion took on a national slant when “Outside the Lines” on ESPN had on Pete Thamel of The NY Times, Dr Joel Thier who is AD… Continue reading Academics, Athletics and the University

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NCAA Recruiting Rules Change

Surprise!  Surprise! The NCAA thinks it is just like big time professional sports and has an annual meeting to discuss rules and changes to said rules.  If you have ever gone through the NCAA recruiting manual, I am amazed there are not more violations.  It is like reading a state report but much more dry… Continue reading NCAA Recruiting Rules Change

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Facebook, MySpace and the College Athlete

I am not a huge fan of Facebook or MySpace but I do have profiles on both.  I don’t sit and regularly check them as my teenagers do.  I do regularly check my teenagers’ profiles, though.  The problem is a lot of teenagers and early 20s kids don’t get that people other than your “friends”… Continue reading Facebook, MySpace and the College Athlete

Just my Thoughts

I’m Happy!

Well, the start to the college football season was questionable. My son’s university’s team lost on Thursday night, 38-3. Of course, they lost to Rutgers so it was not totally unexpected but it was huge. Last night, the local university – granted, it is an hour away but it is one of the college football… Continue reading I’m Happy!